6 Mar

Isreal’s mistreatment of the Palestinians . How has Israel got away with it for so long? Well, the people of the world have the truth hidden from them by a very biased media. Check this out and learn the truth, then spread it widely http://preview.tinyurl.com/ctxd8pg

Arab Hyphen

huntersHunters in a Narrow Street by Jabra Ibrahim Jabra was originally written in English, published in 1960. Unlike The Ship which has two narrators, and The Search for Walid Masoud, which has about a dozen, this novel is narrated by one person, Jameel, a Christian Palestinian who flees Jerusalem in 1948, following the death of his fiance Laila, an event which haunts him through the rest of the narrative. Once Jameel arrives in Baghdad to become an English teacher at the university, he is approached by Salma, a wealthy socialite married to a man much older than her, and asked to teach Salma’s niece, Sulafa,  whose father wants her to learn English in order to travel with him abroad when he goes to treat his illness. Jameel becomes involved with both Salma and Sulafa, and meets a cast of characters, from the would-be poet and revolutionary Adnan and his…

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