Canadian FM confirms “cash for Islamic democracy” doctrine

6 Mar

Why does Israel get away with treating the Palestinians the way they do? The world’s people are largely unaware of the plight of the Palestinians. Check this book out, then please share widely:

News that matters

In an exclusive interview with the ‘Post,’ John Baird says Hamas, Fatah national unity government a “red line.”

“How many Islamic states are there? There’s only one Jewish state,” Baird said.

“I think events in the middle of the last century compel humanity to make sure there is a Jewish homeland, a sanctuary, and today a country with peace and security.”

Baird also warned that the Palestinian Authority would stand to lose a significant amount of aid from Canada should Fatah join Hamas in a national unity government as is currently being discussed.

“If Hamas were to come into a goverment of the Palestinian authority, that is a red line for us,” Baird said.
“We’re not going to be partnering with and funding an international terrorism group. It’s a non-starter.”
His comments come after Israel’s Ambassador the US Michael Oren told AIPAC’s opening conference panel Sunday morning urged the Palestinians…

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