6 Mar


لماذا غزة؟ Why Gaza?

My last attempt  to return to Gaza this month is resting in the hands of the Palestinian Ambassador to Egypt, Dr. Barakat El Farra and his assistant Maissa Hidmi.

My 6-week odyssey began on January 15 when I was turned away at the Rafah border by the Egyptian border guards.  No reasons were given.

I have asked for help from President Morsi’s Ombudsman, from the US Embassy, from various people within the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and now my request has been sitting for two weeks in the “Security” or “Intelligence” Office.   My money is running out.  So is my patience.

The meeting this morning at the Palestinian Embassy in Cairo went very well.  I was honored to be invited into the inner sanctum and to visit with the Ambassador.

A very small world indeed!   The Ambassador’s cousin is a friend of mine who has visited New…

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