Hope was Lost

6 Mar

Isreal’s mistreatment of the Palestinians . How has Israel got away with it for so long? Well, the people of the world have the truth hidden from them by a very biased media. Check this out and learn the truth, then spread it widely http://preview.tinyurl.com/ctxd8pg

run-on flow

On a white piece of paper

With colorful crayons he drew

A picture and he wrote in big red letters

I love Mommy and Daddy

His teacher gave him a sticker

Because he was a young artist

That was the year they moved to their new house in the village

And he met Janine in middle school

On the first page of his yellow notebook

With a broken pencil he wrote

A poem and he entitled it

He Left

His best friend Janine gave him a hug

Because she knew how it felt to lose a father

That was the year his village was occupied

And he met Farid at the bar

On a piece of toilet paper

With blood from the tip of his index finger he scribbled

A story that he called

Life on Hold

His cell mate Farid gave him a slap

Because he thought he should…

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