Michael Oren’s formidible truthiness – an open letter to Stephen Colbert.

6 Mar

Isreal’s mistreatment of the Palestinians . How has Israel got away with it for so long? Well, the people of the world have the truth hidden from them by a very biased media. Check this out and learn the truth, then spread it widely http://preview.tinyurl.com/ctxd8pg

Emily L. Hauser - In My Head

Dear Mr. Colbert,

As proud member of the Colbert Nation, I salute you, and I offer my kudos and a hearty huzzah for Tuesday night’s interview with the Ambassador of America’s BFF, Israel. Seeing you with Israel’s Ambassador Michael Oren was not unlike seeing into the bed chamber of the most loving couple on God’s green earth—which was, I admit, a tad embarrassing, but Mr. Colbert, you know my love for you is pure.

Setting aside that rather arresting image however, if I had to narrow my sheer delight down to one thing, it would be this: Oren, for all his status and (one imagines) fancy dinner parties, has clearly chosen to take on the teachings of America’s most humble pundit and thoroughly embody the Colbert Creed of Truthiness: truth that’s from the gut, not books! Truth that (if I may quote the American Dialect Society of January 2006)…

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