Palestine Apartheid

6 Mar

Why does Israel get away with treating the Palestinians the way they do? The world’s people are largely unaware of the plight of the Palestinians. Check this book out, then please share widely:


How does a refugee camp have a marathon?

Gaza marathon cancelled by UN after Hamas bans women from participating

An annual Gaza marathon organised by the United Nations has been cancelled after a Hamas decision to ban women from competing alongside men.

The UN agency for Palestinian refugees (Unrwa) issued a statement on Tuesday cancelling the race on 10 April and expressing its disappointment at the new and intractable position of the Gaza authorities, which have permitted women to run alongside men for the past two years.

In a brief text message sent to journalists, Hamas said that the decision to scrap the event had been Unrwa’s; Hamas officials had asked the UN agency to ensure that Gaza’s local customs were respected.

What would the Joos do…


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