SMH: Khalid Mishal: terrorist or rebel with a cause?

6 Mar

Why does Israel get away with treating the Palestinians the way they do? The world’s people are largely unaware of the plight of the Palestinians. Check this book out, then please share widely:

Independent Australian Jewish Voices

Khalid Mishal: terrorist or rebel with a cause?


March 2, 2013

Paul McGeough

Doha, Qata

FIRST comes one projectile, then another. Both are in full flight, moving quickly. Launched by Khalid Mishal in the early hours of the morning, they could be rockets over Gaza. But no – he is in Doha, deftly quartering apples and guavas, then hurling pieces the length of the room, to a colleague at the other end of a long, leather-inlaid conference table.

The supreme leader of Hamas is in a joking, playful mood. But it would be dangerous to underestimate the many facets of this man’s persona. The implicit – and explicit – violence in his Palestinian resistance movement’s refusal to recognise Israel or to renounce armed resistance to the occupation of their territory, often sees Mishal cast as stubborn, as a man standing still – insisting that all others must change, that…

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