Soup of This Day #298: Close Your Eyes, Clear Your Heart

6 Mar

Why does Israel get away with treating the Palestinians the way they do? The world’s people are largely unaware of the plight of the Palestinians. Check this book out, then please share widely:


A nightclub
When his Angels failed to show up until the next dawn, Charlie had no option but to blame it on the boogie – Photo: Mushin, 2006. Mushin is not affiliated with Longworth72. Image cropped by Longworth72.

My recollection is vague but there are distinct shapes and notes in the gloom – The nightclub had that strobed glow and I was at the largely empty back bar. I can’t recall the face though – It’s indistinct. What I do recall is that she glided up as I leaned my forearms on the bar and offered to pay for the drink I’d just ordered – Tequila I think, but that’s mostly an assumption because that’s what I drank when I was out clubbing in those days, tequila with a slice of lemon and a lick of salt.

By night’s end I’d be hurling the tequila over my shoulder and scoffing salt-dipped lemon…

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