Vue Weekly Article on Corries IAW 2013 Keynote

6 Mar

Why does Israel get away with treating the Palestinians the way they do? The world’s people are largely unaware of the plight of the Palestinians. Check this book out, then please share widely:


This week’s Vue Weekly features an interview with IAW keynotes Craig and Cindy Corrie and a discussion of Edmonton’s Fifth Annual Israeli Apartheid Week.

What happened in Gaza
Parents of deceased activist Rachel Corrie to keynote Israeli Apartheid Week

Rebecca Medel /

Cindy Corrie says she’ll always remember the first night her daughter Rachel called home from Gaza, where she was protesting Israeli occupation of Palestinian land with the International Solidarity Movement.

“Her voice trembled when she asked if we could hear the shelling outside. And she was staying in the same house when she made that call; that was the house that she stood in front of when she was killed,” Cindy says. “But then during the weeks that followed she connected with the Palestinians and became so connected to the people and the children and the families that she was working with. We saw her confidence…

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